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About us


We specialise in crafting visually stunning design and animation content for conscious brands. Our passion lies in creating work that not only looks great, but also delivers a positive message and inspires change. With a talented team of designers and animators, Bohemian Creative bring ideas to life through innovative design solutions and dynamic animation. Whether it's branding, advertising, or digital content, we approach every project with a focus on creativity, sustainability, and social responsibility. #DesignForGood


We value freedom, creativity and equality. Every idea has the potential to change the world as we know it for the better.

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Project/Production management

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Creative Direction

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Design​ & Animation

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Branding & Identity

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Layout & Web design

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Audio and final mix​

What we do

Freedom Day
BET Africa Day
Mtv Base is’gubhu
Heritage day

Let's connect

+27(82)807-3556 +27(71)330-2929

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